Version 1.5 of the 28 Pin AVR Development Board is now available. As before we have incorporated a number of changes that people had asked for.

New version of Protostack AVR 28 pin board

The most notable change is a figure-8 shaped hole for mounting the voltage regulator. This configuration allows for both Input/Ground/Output (IGO) and Ground/Output/Input (GOI) style voltage regulators. Other changes to the power supply include the addition of a diode to protect against reverse polarity and a resettable fuse.

All in all there are 6 changes

  • Addition of diode to power supply block,
  • Addition of resettable fuse to power supply block,
  • Support for both IGO and GOI style regulators in power supply block,
  • Size increase of IDC/Dual row section from 2x7 to 2x8 pin,
  • Additional labels for I/O ports, and
  • Small circular mark to identify mounting point for CR2032 battery clip.


Power supply Diode Resettable Fuse Figure-8 Shaped hole for IGO and GOI style regulators
IDC/Dual row section Additional labels Mark for for CR2032 battery clip

The board is available on its own for $9.60 or as part of an ATMEGA168 Development Kit for $19.80. As soon as we can get our hands on some Atmega8 (or Atmega8A) micros it will also be available as part of the ATMEGA8 Development Kit