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    2-Mar-2014 6:21pm
    ATMega1284 Development Kit

    The ATMega1284 is an impressive microcontroller with plenty of memory, plenty of pins and loaded with features. The ATMEGA1284 Development Kit combines the microcontroller with our 40 Pin AVR Development Board and a bunch of other components to help you build ATMega1284 circuits faster.

    The kit is nearly identical to the one that Tweak Town reviewed, and gave a "Must Have, Best Features Award". The only differences are a better microcontroller and a faster crystal oscillator.

    The board is engineered for flexibility with many different configuration options available. It also sports a huge prototyping area that resembles a breadboard with power busses snaking in and out.

    The kit is available right now for just $26.60

    24-Jan-2014 3:55pm
    ATMega1284 and Resistor Networks

    We've been selling many different AVR microcontrollers for some time. This week we add the ATMEGA1284 to our lineup.

    The ATMEGA1284 is quite impressive with 128K of flash and 16K of RAM. It comes in a 40 pin through-hole PDIP package, has the same general pinout as the ATMEGA32A but runs faster and has more features. Like the ATMEGA32A, in can be used with our 40 Pin AVR Development Board.

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    27-Nov-2013 10:56am

    The USBASP windows driver is based on libusb-win32. A while back they released version 1.2.6 and this has now been packaged up for the USBASP. The download link is below:

    This driver should work with version of Windows, XP and higher (both 32 and 64 bit editions).

    2-Jun-2013 12:53pm
    40 pin AVR Development Board

    We are please to announce our newest product, the 40 pin AVR Development Board.

    This board is similar in concept to the 28 pin AVR Development Board, except that... well it has more pins. More specifically it works with 40 pin AVR Microcontrollers like the ATMega32A

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    24-Mar-2013 7:26pm
    New products for March 2013

    3 new products this month, all ICs this time.

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    7-Sep-2011 4:16pm
    ATmega328 microcontroller

    We've been getting a lot of requests to stock Atmel ATmega328 microcontrollers and they have finally arrived. The ATmega328-PU is the through-hole variety and fits onto our 28 pin AVR Development Board.

    The ATmega328 is almost identical to the ATmega168a but has double the Flash, double the EEPROM and double the SRAM.

    It can be purchase individually for $5.80 or as part of a development kit for $20.80.

    17-Apr-2011 4:42pm
    28 Pin AVR Development Board - Version 1.6

    We released the 28 Pin AVR Development Board back in 2008 and since then it has gone through many iterations. This week we release version 1.6 which adds 4 improvements. These improvements were based on customer feedback and we are very grateful for the feedback. Please keep it coming.

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    3-Apr-2011 1:41pm
    Analogue to Digital Conversion Interrupts on an ATmega168

    Back in February, we wrote a post on Analogue to Digital Conversion. Many people mentioned that it was a bit light and they would like a more advanced tutorial. Well here it is...

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    13-Feb-2011 8:44am
    Analogue to Digital Conversion on an ATmega168

    Many AVR microcontrollers are capable of doing Analogue to Digital Conversion. The ATmega168 has 6 ports (8 ports on the SMD packages) that can be used for analogue input. This tutorial shows you how.

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    21-Jan-2011 7:56pm

    ATmega8A Microcontrollers in Stock

    Sometime last year we ran out of ATmega8 microcontrollers. These became obsolete and were being replaced by the ATmega8A. Unfortunately we have seen huge shortages in AVR microcontrollers over the last 18 months and the new ATmega8A was no different.

    Whilst shortages still continue, we have managed to get hold of some ATmega8As in the PDIP package (ATMEGA8A-PU). They are available on their own for $3.90 or as part of a development kit for $18.50. To be fair to everyone we are limiting the purchase of the ATmega8As to a maximum of 5 per order.