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28 Pin AVR Development Board

28 Pin AVR Development Board


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This board allows you to quickly build Microcontroller circuits for 28 pin AVR Microcontroller such as ATMEGA8, ATMEGA48, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA168 and ATMEGA328.

One half of the board is dedicated to the microcontroller, whilst the other half resembles our standard prototyping layout and can be used to build your circuits. The board supports a 10 pin ISP connector to program your microcontroller, a reset button, external oscillator and a low pass filter for AVCC. As with our other prototyping boards, it also has power busses, connection strips on the outer edge and many other features. These are listed in the features and benefits section.

The full list of supported microcontrollers is listed in the specifications section and the datasheet.


Size:5" x 3.7" (127 x 93.98mm)
Mounting Holes:6 x 0.125" (3.175mm)
Component Holes:1710 x 35mil (0.9mm)
Component Hole Pitch:0.1" (2.54mm)
Board Material:FR4
Pad Treatment:Lead Free HASL
Copper Thickness:1oz per sqr foot
Track Width:60 mil for power busses and prototyping section
Supported Atmel Microcontrollers: ATMEGA8(L), ATMEGA8A
AT90S2333 (obsolete)
AT90S4433 (obsolete)

Features and Benefits

Similar layout to breadboard
This board is based on a standard breadboard with a few improvements.
  • Power busses are pre routed on the board
  • Power busses go from edge to edge and do not have any gaps
  • Power busses are available in gap were Dil components usually sit. This provides more flexibility for component placement and allows for more options for connecting power to components.
Screen Printing on topside
Screen printing on the board top clearly shows power busses and connection points.
Connection strips on top and bottom edges
All Protostack prototyping boards have sets of 3 connected pads on the top and bottom edges. These are used to interface each board with the adjoining board above/below or to interace the board with an external system.
Standard protostack form factor and mounting holes
Protostack full size boards have a standard size and 6 mounting holes on the top and bottom edges. This allow the board to be stacked with other full or half size boards using hexagonal spacers.
Lead Free HASL Pad Treatment
This is a premium lead free treatment which protects the copper tracks from oxidation and make it easier to solder.
Solder Mask/Resist
On all board areas except the solder pads a polymer based mask is applied. This is a common practise on commercial PCBs but is less common on prototyping boards. The solder resist prevents bridging between tracks and make soldering easier.
Quality FR4 Board Material
We use quality FR4 fibreglass board material unlike the paper based phenolic material that is found in many prototyping boards. Fibreglass reinforced substrates have a much higher strength that paper reinforced boards and are more resistant to cracking or breaking.